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We've recently rebranded the podcast from "The eCommerce Maven" podcast to the "Brave + Boss podcast".

Why are you rebranding?

I want to focus on more aspects of online entrepreneurship than the actual selling of products. My coaching clients and many startup founders I've met in person find challenges across more aspects of the business from mindset, to cash flow, to product development. All while trying to grow a business in an ethical and sustainable way.

You can still see past episodes from the eCommerce Maven podcast on my blog, or on iTunes.

What is Brave + Boss?

Brave + Boss is a podcast designed to help purpose-driven online entrepreneurs take their business to the next level. The podcast covers a range of topics from branding to mindset to hiring and cash flow. All episodes are focused on product-based business strategy, and how you can be braver, and more boss in everything you do. It takes guts to start a business, and courage to grow it - especially in a way that will better the world. Let's do this!

Get Involved in the Podcast

Live Coaching Calls

Got a business challenge you'd like me to tackle? Want to participate in a live coaching call? It's free! The only ask is that you're not shy about sharing numbers, and results. Email me.

Podcast Guest Open Call

Are you an online store boss, or someone who's doing something brave in business? I'd love to connect. Apply to be a guest!

Sponsorship Opportunities

Looking to reach an audience of primarily female, e-commerce entrepreneurs? Let's talk about how I can support your business. I love supporting brands that I believe in and that I truly believe can make a difference. Media kit coming soon. Contact me.


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