Email Marketing Masterclass FAQS

Email Marketing Masterclass FAQs

How much time will I need to invest in the course?

The course will take a few hours a week to complete, including homework from each module. Each bonus live coaching session is approximately an hour in length as well. If you can’t join live, the session will be recorded. While the course will be released week by week, if you fall behind - no worries. Take it at your own pace. You’ll have access to the content either way!

Am I too advanced for this course? Or am I too much of a beginner?

The course is designed to work to add value to eCommerce entrepreneurs at many different levels. We cover the fundamentals of email marketing (often missed by even successful stores!) through to more advanced techniques. Check out the webinar for an overview of what’s included in the course and reach out with questions if you’re not sure. If you’re doing under $25k a month in revenue, I can confidently state that you’ll find massive value out of this course.

What’s the difference between the live course and self-study?

The live course includes FOUR live group coaching sessions with me! They’ll be recorded and available in the modules after the course to everyone, however it’ll only be a one-time deal. If you’re joining the course on self-study mode, you’ll have the option to add-on ‘homework’ review with me at checkout to have a second set of eyes on your work, and real-time feedback. This is not the same as one-on-one coaching, and includes a one-time review of key homework with a 48-hour turnaround time.

Is there a Facebook group or community for students?

I’ve decided to NOT create another Facebook group for this course. You’re more than welcome to join the FREE Facebook group, Brave + Boss Entrepreneurs where you’re free to chat with other students about topics and post questions, feedback and connect.

Will you cover off all the how-to’s for setting up the tech portion of email marketing?

Tech for email marketing is covered off at a high level, however, I decided to focus on a deep dive into the strategy and planning (which is harder to do, and harder to google). I know that you’re a savvy entrepreneur, and you’ve gotten this far by figuring it out on your own, so if you’re ever stuck on a tech issue, just remind yourself, as Marie Forleo says, “Everything is figureouttable”. My go-to’s for tech are direct to the software provider, Google and then Facebook groups.

Do you guarantee and increase in sales after taking this course?

No. It’s impossible to know how many students will implement the work (though I do my best to make it as actionable as possible!). The reality is from many years in coaching and course creation is that you get what you put into it. There are so many variables at play, and I’m not big into making claims that I can’t back up. What I do know is that I’ve used these exact techniques I’m teaching to take my online sales from $0 to multi-millions in revenue annually. Our email represents 30-40% of our sales, so that’s a really good track record!

Can I get a refund, please?

I don’t offer refunds on digital products but I am happy to answer any questions that you haven’t found answered above via email. Contact me here.

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