[eBook] 8 MUST-HAVE Content Marketing Tools for eCommerce

8 must have content marketing toolsContent Marketing is an essential skill for any eCommerce store owner today. Like they say, content is king! Find out what 8 tools I use everyday in my fashion eCommerce store to manage our content strategy. A valuable but quick read, sure to change the way you organize and distribute content online.


[eBook] 8 Steps to build Brand Love 

8 steps to build brand loveThis FREE eBook takes you through the steps to develop your brand value proposition and how to share this across relevant customer touchpoints. The "8 steps to Build Brand Love" eBook contains 12 pages of content + worksheets to help take your retail brand to the next level. Get your copy immediately. Gratis. Free.  

[tool] FREE Customer Purchase Journey Map

The Customer Purchase journey map is a tool to use to step into your customer's shoes so you can better understand how to optimize your experience to drive better conversion.  As online retailers, it's easy for us to lose touch with our customer as we don't have the face-to-face interaction. Download the easy to use, printable template & watch the how-to video here.


 fav ecommerce shopify apps and tools

I only recommend programs, courses, tools and sites which I personally use for running my Ecommerce Shopify Store, Encircled.

Here are my must-have's. 

eCommerce Apps
Marketing Tools

  • Online Marketing Training - Marie Forleo's B-School
  • How to Set Goals - The Desire Map Experience
  • How to Build a Course - Amy Porterfield's Courses that Convert
  • How to live a Soulful Life - Spirited
  • General training -, CreativeLive
  • Books + Other Tools
    Note: Some of these links contain affiliate referrals. I only refer what I love, so will do so regardless of Affiliate relationships.

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