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Ready to take your online store to the next sales level? Want to move from 3-figure to 4-figure or 5-figure sales?
Check out my Goal Making Calculator + eCourse.

The Goal Making Calculator uses common business metrics to figure out exactly how much traffic you need to drive to your website to achieve your goal

This is the exact tool that I use in Encircled, and with my clients to set actionable monthly sales goals.

This is designed for the direct to consumer online brands who are ready to level up their business.

I've also included my Traffic Planner Tool which is essential for building a bottom-up marketing plan to crush your sales goal. There is a 1-hour training video included on why and how to set goals, and a walk through of how to best use the Goal Making Calculator and Traffic Planner Tool. Both are digital downloads in excel format.

Setting clear goals, measuring and optimizing is what makes you more boss.

Start building a sustainable and successful online business today.

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