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Ready to make more money in your online store? 

Check out my Goal Making Calculator + Training. The Goal Making Calculator uses formulas to figure out exactly how much traffic you need to drive to your website to achieve your goal. This is the exact tool that I use in Encircled, and with my clients to set actionable monthly sales goals.

It includes:

  • Goal Making calculator (Excel format)
  • Traffic Planner tool (Excel format)
  • 1-hour training video on how to set and crush your eCommerce goals

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Ready to make emails that generate sales not unsubscribes?

Launching in March 2020, my first online masterclass! It will teach you how to write, design and send better emails. Email is a key way I've fuelled the growth of my eCommerce store to over 7-figures in revenue.

The masterclass will include:

  • Four modules of video training. Over 6+ hours of lessons! 
  • Valuable homework exercises 
  • Self-paced course, so you can take it 24/7 with add-on live homework review.
This course will contain all actionable content and no fluff. I'll be sharing my exact strategy for analyzing, developing and optimizing email marketing. Tons of course providers create endless content that no one wants (hello, printable PDFs regurgitating content!). This course will focus on impactful content that will drive results in your business. With focus, you could complete this course in a few weeks and immediately see sales from implementing the strategies!
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